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10 weird and wonderful things about Calgary

Posted by Carl in January 24, 2013

Known as one of the world’s most livable cities, Calgary is quickly gaining a reputation for being not just a great place to live but a cultural and business destination, too. It’s an incredibly dynamic and diverse city with plenty to attract old and young alike. Below are a few fun facts about Alberta’s capital:

Calgary city

It’s very diverse
Over 120 languages are spoken in Calgary, though the dominant language is English.

It’s squeaky clean rated Calgary the cleanest city in the world in 2007, thanks to its clever urban planning and compact design.
Sunshine all the time
You’ll get more days of sunshine per year in Calgary than in any other major Canadian city.


It’s easy to make money…
Calgary is becoming Canada’s industrial and technological hub, and its booming economy means that it’s become home to a lot of very wealthy people. In fact, it has the greatest number of millionaires per capita of any Canadian city.

…but it’s easy to lose it, too
Calgary has also recorded more instances of mortgage fraud than any other city of Canada. Looks like all those millionaires are defaulting on their home loans!

It’s the home of delicious treats
The Canadian delicacy Ginger Beef was invented in Calgary at the Silver Inn in 1974. Additionally, Canada’s favorite cocktail, the Bloody Caesar, was invented for the opening of a restaurant in Calgary in 1969.

It’s a young city
Calgary’s median age is just 35.9 years – so all those millionaires made their money young! Young people have flocked from all over Canada and across to the world to work in Calgary, and it’s home to a lot of tech startups and media companies.

It’s a great place to be single
We already know that Calgary’s a great place to be young and rich, but it’s also a great place to be single. Calgary dating can be a lot of fun, whether you meet through work at one of the many hip young companies that exist in the downtown area, or at one of the trendy nightspots or theatres that make up this city’s lively cultural scene.

Bring on the Stampede!
The famous Calgary Stampede takes place in July every year, and is a highlight on Calgary’s cultural Canada. The Stampede attracts over a million visitors per year, featuring not just one of the world’s largest rodeos but shows, concerts, exhibitions and a parade.

Canada’s first winter Olympics
You may be surprised to learn that it took Canada until 1988 to host its first Winter Olympics, despite being known as a country with freezing temperatures and plenty of snow. Calgary was the lucky first city in Canada to receive the Olympics, and since that time, the city’s population has grown significantly. Interestingly enough, the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics was also the year that the Jamaican national bobsled team competed, winning the hearts of viewers everywhere and inspiring the Disney movie Cool Running

Calgary - Olympic Plaza & Calgary Tower

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